We Get “Personal”

Body Effects Imperial Beach (B.E. IB) is a personal training studio and fitness center with the ideology to bring the “personal” back into personal training with a hands on approach to showing people how to exercise safely and efficiently to produce results.

Personal trainers are in high demand these days due to the exclusivity, proficiency, injury prevention, and rehabilitation techniques they offer (as well as having a nice set of abs – Lol!). At B.E. IB we acknowledge this expectation by using specific fitness goals to develop the targets of your personal fitness journey.

We don’t want to just see you sweat. Our ultimate goal is to help you incorporate lifestyle changes with a fitness regimen that will be an overall improvement to your quality of life. You’ll be empowered to reach your fitness goals through education we provide every step of the way and an actionable plan that we will develop together.

Over the years, our staff have heard numerous reasons as to why people haven’t utilized personal trainers or gyms before. Oftentimes it’s due to affordability of the membership, amenities of the facility, and gym intimidation (aka “gymtimidation”).

Something For Everyone

At Body Effects IB we want to change all of that by offering affordable singular rates and great membership packages minus the high pressure sales environment of commercial gyms. Unlike a lot of those facilities, our gym is kept clean, sanitized, and fully stocked with supplies and equipment.

Our fitness experts will show you how to workout safely while you effectively reach your fitness goals in a timely manner. We have a results driven mindset, and we encourage you to do the same.

All clients undergo a complimentary consultation and biometric reading. We also offer personalized 1-on-1 training in addition to a wide array of classes including (but not limited to): Youth Fitness, Pilates, Silver Sneakers, Beach Boot Camps, and Surf Lessons.

We envision Imperial Beach being the healthiest city in California, and with your help we can do it! Under our guidance you’ll learn how to live a healthier lifestyle through good nutrition and an effective fitness regimen, which we believe transforms into greater productivity outside of the fitness center.

Train With The Best

Lee Gray

Founder & Lead Instructor

Born on Camp Pendleton, but raised in Serra Mesa (San Diego), Lee attended college in Houston, but came back to San Diego in 2010 searching for a place where he could be his fun-loving self while helping people reach their fitness goals. That’s when he found Imperial Beach and the rest is history.

Tracy Murray

Zumba Instructor

Tracy grew up in Long Island, New York where she grew up taking dance lessons as a young girl. She continued dancing throughout high school where her talents earned her a spot on the competition dance team. After over 20 years of being a fitness enthusiast, in 2014 Tracy became a certified Zumba instructor so she could spread the joy and benefits of Zumba throughout the area.

Yogi Elsa

Yoga Instructor (Weekends)

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Becoming a yoga instructor has totally changed my life. I became a yoga instructor in 2016. Embarking on this journey of discipline and dedication to my trinity (mind, body, and soul). Through Hatha Yoga and the 8-Limbed Path I would like to help lead and be a part of your dedication to your own trinity of Mind,Body, and Soul. I am also a wellness advocate for dōTERRA, so I use aromatherapy and essential oils in my practices. BE Light, BE Free, BE in the present, the past is no longer… Just BE….

Ron Murray

Kickboxing & Surf Instructor

Sensei Ron hails from Long Island, New York where he developed a background in Kenpo and earned a 2nd Degree Black Belt. He eventually opened his own school, called the Kiaki Dojo, to teach others. In 2016, he opened the IB Fight Club, which he continues to operate today inside of the B.E. IB Family Fitness Center teaching kickboxing and surfing to people of all ages and skill levels.

Yogi Amanda

Yoga Instructor (Weekdays)

Yogi Amanda began practicing yoga in 2011, but after a few years wanted to expand her knowledge through Akasha Yoga training. Now, with years of experience teaching yoga all around the world, Yogi Amanda has settled in Imperial Beach with hopes of helping Imperial Beach become the fittest city in America through Yoga.

Let Your Fitness Journey Begin