B.E. Chill (Mat Pilates)

B.E. Chill (Mat Pilates)

From: $20.00

  • Fri | 9:15am – 10am
  • 1-on-1 & private group sessions available
  • All ages and fitness levels welcome


Come learn to engage your core with us in a relaxed setting overlooking our beautiful beach while the wind blows, the waves crash, and the sounds of Norah Jones and Sade in the background…

This 45 minute low intensity core and hip strengthening ensemble is great for learning how to use your core and strengthen all aspects of it. It’s great for helping ease and prevent sciatica pain, spinal impingement, stretching and strengthening hip flexors and piriformis. Beneficial for all…

  • Fri | 9:15am
  • 45 minutes | $20 per person
  • 1-on-1 & Group Training available
  • Group assessments are conducted at the beginning of each class
  • All ages and fitness levels welcome


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